Premium quality Giclée photo prints
The Giclée Art Print is a new and contemporary method of printing that meets the highest requirements of artists, museums and art collectors out there. This ranks the Giclée Art Print with the more common, traditional graphic techniques such as etching, serigraphy and stone lithography. Produced with the most modern techniques, Giclée prints are the highest quality inkjet prints, used by artists to make individual or low-run reproductions of original two-dimensional artworks. True Giclée prints are produced in very high resolution
(1200dpi minimal to 2400 dpi) and are printed with precious archival inks on acid-free materials. 

50x30cm / 30x50cm           50 euro 
70x50cm / 50x70cm           100 euro
100x70 cm / 70x100cm      170 euro
140x100cm / 100x140cm   250 euro

Premium quality Giclée photo print on aluminium backing
The premium-grade photo prints mentioned above are also available to be mounted on a 3 mm aluminum sheet. Each artwork comes 
with a special hanging frame, which if paired with a stable suspension, produces a unique effect, as if it's floating on the wall.

50x30cm / 30x50cm           80 euro 
70x50cm / 50x70cm           150 euro
100x70 cm / 70x100cm      300 euro
140x100cm / 100x140cm   500 euro

Acrylic photo print with Plexy Glass
If you are looking for the absolute perfection, be sure to choose this type of finishing!
Acrylic prints (also known as perspex art) are a contemporary way of printing and displaying photography, artwork or any other image
and it will suit any modern home interior design. The back hanger frame is hidden behind the artwork and leaves the picture floating in front of the wall. Please ensure that the wall hooks can carry the weight of the acrylic picture.
• 5mm thick Plexiglass® acrylic front with polished edges
• optically clear mount
• light-stop backing
• high quality photo print inside
• 12-colour, water-based pigment inks
• hanger frame on the back, ready to hang on the wall

50x30cm / 30x50cm           150 euro 
70x50cm / 50x70cm           250 euro
100x70 cm / 70x100cm      500 euro
140x100cm / 100x140cm   800 euro
Photo frames
Popular wood mouldings will give modern and contemporary finish to all kind of prints even framing with
or without glass and mount. (prices depends on the the frame style and size)
Floater frames
There are two kinds of framing in floater frames: Floating mount leaves about a 1cm gap between the print and the edge of the frame, creating a space to float the picture. Flush mount will flush the picture to the frame's edges to give the look of a closed box.
(prices depend on the size of the frame and the style)

You can find the recommended printing sizes of each photo in their captions. 
My older images are available in prints up to 70cm length and the newer ones are kinda any size you like.

The backside of each art print features the description of the documentation accompanied by its certificate.
This sticker contains the exact details of the artwork, the serial number (most of the images are Open Series), the title and the signature
of the photographer.
You can purchase works online and have them delivered directly to your door. 
Delivery fees: free shipping on all orders over 1000 euro 
Delivery fees for orders under 1000 euro are:
10-20 euro in case of Budapest or The Hague
20-150 euro to any other location in Hungary or The Netherlands
50-150 euro to anywhere in Europe
Delivery fee depends on the location, material and size of the print
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks (depends on the actual transport situations)
Orders placed on our webshop can be returned without any reason within 14 days of receipt, regardless of whether you have purchased it as an individual or as a company. 

Important: Please always check the content of the shipment
If you see any damage (eg. compressed corners, tears, etc.) on the package, you will need to take a Damage Record in the presence
of the courier. Replacement of the damaged goods during transport can only be guaranteed if there is a record of the injury upon receipt. Please make sure to keep the product packaging or the original invoice.

Safe payments
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Payments can be made:
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